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vegan * vegetarian * nut-free * gluten-free * non-GMO * preservative-free


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why us?

our home-style meals are organic, scratch made, wholesome and awesome!  * we use organic coconut oil, organic milk, organic yogurt, whole organic spices, fresh ground masalas and hand selected organic produce * no preservatives, no artificial flavors, non-gmo ingredients, no artificial colors,  no flavor enhancing salts (MSG), no soy or no corn fillers! * our meals are prepared in a health department certified kitchen in the US * our family has been in the food business for more than 70 years

we deliver fresh, organic, tasty, healthy and hygienic food


our goal is to support and sustain the organic culture ... in buying from us you are helping strengthen the organic industry as a whole ... a big thanks for your support!

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ordering process was so easy and the food was delivered on time


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